CoH (by antigone78)

So I figured that my first real review should be something that I’ve been spending time on lately and City of Heroes (CoH) made perfect sense. I actually just got back into CoH about two months ago. I can only really handle one MMORPG at a time and since I was playing World of Warcraft (WoW) with Ben, CoH was put on the back burner for awhile.

Like all MMORPG’s you get the fantastic sense of community, the drive to take yourself further in the game, a great time playing a fun game and the satisfactions for getting to the next level. Unlike some other MMORPG’s what you don’t get is horribly complex game play. When playing WoW, you get power after power piled onto you pretty quickly and keeping track of what they all do, the order to use them, the combination that works best and be REALLY daunting. But in CoH, you get ONE new power every two level ups so you have more time to use them and how best to incorporate them into your already developed game play.

The thing that immediately sold me on CoH was the futuristic or more modern day genre. I love me some trolls and warlocks but getting to battle common day gangs and stop mad scientists from producing the next big biological weapon is a lot of fun and keeps me much more entertained. Modern modes of travel are great too. Getting to ride a tram and not having to wait for a bird to fly you to the other end of the Earth is nice. Although, I used to like to use Griffon rides in WoW for things like bathroom and drink breaks or getting to explore new areas from above. You don’t reallu get that in CoH till you can fly yourself at a higher lever. Still, flight = awesome. Especially now that you get wings! Which leads me to my next topic:

costume (by antigone78)

Probably the one thing that really sets the ease of use apart from games like WoW, is the costume in CoH. In WoW you have to purchase clothes to up you mana, defense, to hit, crit etc. You outfit will literally make or break your character. It is the polar opposite in CoH where your costume is just that, a costume. And outfit. A way to look pretty. You get one default costume and you earn more by doing missions and as you level up. I generally have seriously outlandish “hero” costume, and another for my “alter ego”. You don’t have to constantly fight over dropped items and travel to distant lands and spend all your dough in the auction house to be able to run one certain instance.

The things I listed are just the most common, simple examples. If you are looking into an entry level MMORPG and want something that’s not going to suck up ALL your spare time, I highly recommend giving City of Heroes a shot. And when you get in, look me up! I’m on Virtue Server playing as one of the following:

Antigone – Level 34 Science Defender
Antig0ne – Level 13 Science Defender
Aflux – Level 8 Science Blaster
a-flux – Level 6 Science Defender
Fluxer – Level 11 Science Tanker
a.flux – Level 14 Science Controller
fluxe – Level 11 Science Scrapper
sylaa – Level 8 Technology Blaster

PS – I like science because I know where all the enhancement stores are! 😉