furminator (by antigone78)

Many people have different opinions on when Summer starts. For some, it’s when you have to break out the shorts and tank tops. For some it’s when you have to put away the knee high socks for the year. For many, many kids all across the country it’s the last day of school.

For me? It’s when I start noticing softball size clumps of hair in every corner and crevice of the house. Every. Single. Crevice.

Fighting the fur is something that I’ve been doing for, well, for the 29 years I’ve been alive because that’s how long I’ve been in love with my kitties. When we had carpet in the house I used to think that hardwood floors would be SO MUCH BETTER for cats. Now that we have hard wood floors, I realize that the cat fur is just more noticeable now! There isn’t any mat and thread to hide it. It sits there in front of the TV, staring at you, mocking you. You get up to clean it and before you can sit back down there are three more clumps, each one bigger than the last.

NOT THIS YEAR THOUGH! I was reading Dooce awhile back and she linked to a fabulous devise called The Furminator. I don’t know what makes this brush so damn awesome and I can’t explain to you at all how it works, but I can tell you that’s it’s the BEST DAMN FUR BRUSH EVER. On the website it says that is grabs the undercoat which is what makes it so effective since it the undercoat that cats shed in the warmer months.

110/365 - Sexy, right? (by antigone78)

In one five minute session I can pull more hair off the cats then I would in days and days and hours and hours of brushing with any of the hundreds of brushes I’ve owned before. Seriously, that picture there was the result of about 6 minutes of brushing and that was before I really had the hang of using it. Now that I’ve taken the time to watch the video on the website, I’m much more efficient and get loads more hair each time I use it.

It’s absolutely amazing to me how much fur there is hiding in that undercoat. It’s endless. It’s enough to knit my entire extended family scarves for the winter. The nice thing is that as long as I brush them each once a week, the fur that moocks me from all the little crevices of the house has been greatly reduced. When they start showing back up again, I grab the brush and attack each one of them and they go away again.

If you have a cat, and it has fur, then this brush is something you simply MUST own. Go get one, NOW. They’re a bit more expensive then the standard brush but after one use you’ll gladly have paid twice the amount.