Adagio teas. (by antigone78)

Awhile ago, Caitlin started a thread over on Lavish about how people drink their tea and me, being kind of a n00b to the tea scene was like, uhh… In a glass?!

Oh how little I knew back then (like two weeks ago). But seriously, that was before I discovered Adagio and my life at this point could end and I’d be completely content because dude, I have drank the Elixir of Everlasting Happiness and it is lemon grass looseleaf tea.

After I received my order I vowed to try at least one new tea a day and this was REALLY EASY because I found myself making at least three glasses a day. Each flavor was like a whole new fabulous discover. Each very different but VERY VERY good. So far the herbal tea’s have been my favorite. The peppermint makes me really unproductive at work because I keep sticking my nose above my mug to breathe in it’s wonderfulness.

I very big part of this process and getting the teas to steep as perfectly as they do is the IngenuiTEA steeper but that’s a product that deserves it’s own review because I could go on and on about JUST the steeper. I might eventually end up doing a review on the individual tea types but for now I just had to get the secret out there.

You can pick up the steeper and a starter set of teas (GET THE HERBAL! TRUST M!) for $20 and both times I’ve ordered I received my tea a day later! If you decide to try it out, drop me an an email and I’ll forward you a $5 coupon making your initial purchase of the steeper and the tea only $15. Now you have no reason NOT to try it.