Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam 3-wick candle

Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam 3-wick candle: Ben and I got a great fake tree from my mom a few years ago after we decided we didn’t want to do a real tree anymore for many reasons. One is because they are SO expensive and the other is that it just seems silly to cut down a tree every year then throw it to the curb a month later. I’m glad we’ve done this but I really do miss the smell that fills a house when you have a fresh pine tree in there. This candle is how I fix that.

It smells AMAZING and one candle can last an entire holiday season or more. As a matter of fact, the candle I started burning this season is only half gone. This year when I burned it for the first time Ben got home from work and exclaimed, “It smells like Christmas!” It has a pine smell but not overly so. It’s pine and sweet and somewhat musky all on one. When we have people over they always ask me about it and I’ve even give it as a gift several times and people always rave about it.

Price: $22.50 (on sale now for $11.25!)