010/365 - Etsy owns my soul

When I first heard about Etsy I wasn’t thinking it would be quite as GODDAMN FABULOUS as it is. Seriously. I pictured a bunch of old ladies posting the scarves and mittens they’d made while sitting in a retirement home sipping tea. I. WAS. SO. WRONG.

When I had finally heard about it more times than I could stand I went to check it out for myself… and four hour later I woke up in a pool of drool and shaking a little. It’s addicting. Seriously, try going to that site and spending less than an hour browsing at all of the amazing stuff. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. It’s an endless pool of awesome creations and originality and a simple search for “scarf” will turn up 1261 pages of scarves. 1261! I’m pretty sure that I’ve looked at EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE.

That first time, when I woke up in a pool of drool, the first thing I thought to do was check my PayPal account to see how much damage I had done and, thankfully, I only managed to buy one scarf in my binge. It was the scarf you see in the picture there from Sweetcheex76’s shop. When it came in the mail it was even better than the description had made it out to be. It’s SO SOFT and thick and I every single time I wear it out in public I get a compliment on it. Actually, I can’t wait till it gets cool enough to start wearing again. Not only that, but it’s the first item I bought that made me want to learn to knit myself which has become a hobby I’ve really found myself loving.

I’m going to start posting more of my awesome Etsy finds here. I’ve honestly never ordered something I didn’t absolutely love and would recommend ANY of the shops I’ve purchased from and thought that I should share that with the world so you too can surround yourselves with all the pretty handmade goodies your Paypal account can handle.