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Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam 3-wick candle

Jan 9, 2016 Author: admin | Filed under: Home, Scent
Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam 3-wick candle

Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam 3-wick candle: Ben and I got a great fake tree from my mom a few years ago after we decided we didn’t want to do a real tree anymore for many reasons. One is because they are SO expensive and the other is that it just seems silly to cut down a tree every year then throw it to the curb a month later. I’m glad we’ve done this but I really do miss the smell that fills a house when you have a fresh pine tree in there. This candle is how I fix that.

It smells AMAZING and one candle can last an entire holiday season or more. As a matter of fact, the candle I started burning this season is only half gone. This year when I burned it for the first time Ben got home from work and exclaimed, “It smells like Christmas!” It has a pine smell but not overly so. It’s pine and sweet and somewhat musky all on one. When we have people over they always ask me about it and I’ve even give it as a gift several times and people always rave about it.

Price: $22.50 (on sale now for $11.25!)

Eminence Eucalyptus Cleansing Concentrate

Jan 2, 2016 Author: admin | Filed under: Beauty, Face Cleansing
Eminence Eucalyptus Cleansing Concentrate

Eminence Eucalyptus Cleansing Concentrate:
When we were in Pennsylvania in September we had a spa day at an amazing little spa and the absolute best facial I’ve EVER had. I had them use products for my oily skin and when she put this eucalyptus face wash on my face I wanted that moment to last FOREVER AND EVER. It smelled so amazing, like driving through an actual eucalyptus forest which I loved because we had a eucalyptus tree in our front yard growing up. The face wash was so cooling but didn’t make my skin feel tight at all which I hate in a face wash. When we were leaving my aunt surprised us with gift bags that contained the products that our esthetician had used and so I’ve been using it since September and I am HOOKED. This is for sure one of those products that I will buy over and over and over. My skin has never been more clear or looked so healthy.

Price: $27.51

LUSH Dark Angels Face Cleanser

Jan 1, 2016 Author: admin | Filed under: Beauty, Face Cleansing

LUSH dark angels

LUSH Dark Angels Face Cleanser: I’ve been using this cleanser for years. It’s amazing. I know there are many people out there that will tell you that you should only exfoliate once a week but I use this every other day. My very oily skin gets a scaly feel after one day and if I don’t exfoliate often then it makes my foundation look caked on and gross. This is gentle enough to use every day and makes my face baby butt smooth.

I will say that it does not smell that great unless you are a fan of black licorice which, at least to me, is exactly what it smells like. At first it bothered me but now I don’t even really notice it and it is absolutely too good to NOT to use because of the smell.

Price: $12.95

LUSH I Love Juicy Shampoo

Dec 31, 2015 Author: admin | Filed under: Beauty, Hair Cleansing
LUSH I Love Juicy

LUSH I Love Juicy Shampoo: Along with my extremely oily face I also have EXTREMELY IN ALL CAPS oily hair. I am so very jealous of you ladies that can go three days between washes and I have tried every single technique to get my hair to that point but it’s never worked. I have to wash my hair every other day AT LEAST. Day one I wear it down and then day two I have to wear it up because it’s just oily enough to have to put up. I can use dry shampoo but it only works for about 6 hours and then the oil starts to really show through again so I usually just throw it up.

The only reason I’ve been able to get to the ever other day point is because of this LUSH shampoo. It has an amazing orange-y citrus scent and gets my hair AMAZINGLY clean. The clean scent lasts throughout the first day and my hair seems much less oily the second day. If you don’t have oily hair but want a once a week deep clean that will strip all the other products out of your hair this is perfect for that.

The best part is that you just have to use the tiniest bit of shampoo. I have very thick hair and a quarter sized dollop gets the job done and done well so a bottle of this lasts for quite a long time. It’s also vegan and like all LUSH products absolutely no animal testing anywhere along the production line.

Price: $9.95 (3.3 oz)
$19.95 (8.4 oz)
$30.95 (16.9 oz)

Zoya summertime collection. LOVE IT!

Apr 2, 2011 Author: admin | Filed under: Fashion, Nails
Zoya Sunshine collection

Zoya has had a few REALLY great online deals lately. The first one was three free polishes so having never purchased Zoya before, I got three and have not looked back since then.

Then they had the Go Green sale for St. Patrick’s Day. 3 polishes for $5.00 so I got those and LOVED ALL THREE. I got a ton of compliments on my nails that week.

They are without a doubt the BEST polish I’ve used in a LONG time. The color payoff is amazing, two coats is all I’ve needed in most cases, they last REALLY well on my nails which are generally weak and chip SO EASY but not with Zoya!

LOVE the Sunshine collection from Zoya.  LOVE!

Two weeks ago they had a BOGO sale so I got 6 polishes for the price of 3, plus they had $2.00 shipping so it was about $20 for all 6 polishes! I ordered the entire Sunshine collection and they came in the mail today and they are SO CUTE! I can’t wait to try them all out.

*This is NOT a paid post. 100% my idea, my opinions and I paid for all the products. I just wanted to share because I have been so impressed with them and all my girlfriends should know.


Splat Hair Dye in “Blue Envy”

Sep 13, 2010 Author: admin | Filed under: Fashion, Hair
Splat Blue Envy

Cassidy has been begging me to dye her hair blue for about two years now but I’ve been hesitant to do it. When she asked me this weekend I really couldn’t think of a good reason NOT to allow her to so on a whim we picked up a package of Splat Hair Dye in “Blue Envy” for $10.99 at our local Walgreens (they have it for $9.99 online!).

The box instructions give you the option of bleaching the hair first or not but states that for a more vibrant blue they recommend it so we did. Here is a progress shot after we had bleached the hair and before applying the blue:

Project Blue Hair progress shot.

After we washed out the bleach and completely dried it, we added the blue. The squeeze bottles they included made it very easy to apply both the bleach and then the blue coloring although they only provided one pair of gloves and it would have been more convenient to have one new set for each of the two steps.

After letting the blue sit for 30 minutes she washed then conditioned her hair and I was surprised at how great it felt. I thought for sure that the bleach would leave her hair feeling damaged but it didn’t at all. It still had the same soft texture as the rest of her hair.

After blow drying I took a few more shots so you could see just how blue this dye really is.



I’ve always heard that you need to buy expensive dyes to get color like this but I don’t see how her hair could be any more blue at this point! Of course, the real test will come when we see how long the color lasts but after reading online we added some dye to conditioner to use on her hair once a week to keep the color looking fresh. In a week or two I’ll do a follow up post and let you know how it’s looking!

For now, I have one happy blue haired girl!

Peek a Boo Blue

It’s been awhile.

Sep 11, 2010 Author: admin | Filed under: Site News

So it’s been 19 months since I’ve posted something here and that is SAD! I actually really love reading blogger review sites when they give honest and well thought out opinions of things and I’m constantly thinking that I should get off my lazy butt and get back to it. Stop just benefiting from reading other opinions and start actually giving mine again!

So my game plan for the first month or two is going to be a simple on: Get up one review a week. I really think that once a week is a reasonable goal for now and I have a feeling that once I start I’ll WANT to start putting up more. The good thing is that I already have a ton of things I’ve been thinking “I should review this!” so I have a list of things to choose from!

And so it begins! 🙂

OH! Also, I’m probably going to do a bit of a redesign and I want to get some other review sites plugged so if you have one either drop me an email or leave a comment and I’ll check your site out! 🙂


Feb 3, 2009 Author: admin | Filed under: Web

So I mention various bits of geekery on different websites like twitter and then end up having to explain it and often times I think, “HEY YOU! YOU SHOULD BlOG THAT!” So I’m going to start tying to be better about letting you all know about cool things as I come across them

First up: bit.ly

Bit.ly is a great little web app similar to tinyurl. Only on steroids. When you create an account and log in, it does cool stuff like keep track of your most recent shortened urls so that you can go back and easily find them to post other places.

That’s not really what I’m wanting to tell you about. I know that a lot of my readers are really into twitter and THANK GOD because how else am I supposed to stalk you all?! Well, bit.ly had this awesome FireFox plugin that makes surfing twitter so much more fantastic.

Here are three of the many reasons it rocks hardcore.

#1 – Follow conversations! It makes following conversation much easier. When you see that somebody has “in reply to *username*” at the bottom of their tweet you can mouse over it and it will pop up a little box that shows you the tweet it’s in reply to. See the screenshot below:


#2 – Picture preview! If you upload a picture to any of the most popular twitter image apps, like twitpic then then when you mouse over the link it pops up a thumbnail preview of the image before you click on it. This is especially great if NSFW images are a problem. Not that they necessarily would be since SURELY you wouldn’t follow anybody that would do that! 😉


#3 – Information overload! This is actually a pretty dang cool feature. When you mouseover any bit.ly link (and some other tiny links) then the box pops up and gives you some pretty cool information. Mainly, it shows the number of time that the link has been clicked. But it goes further! If you click the more information button it redirects you to a page on the bit.ly site that has a wealth of information about your link including where the clicks are happening, the country and if it’s a blog post, it will even list comment responses to the blog and any other backlinks to the post. Here is an example from a tweet I made earlier today about a techcrunch article.

By clicking the “more information” link I can see that it’s been clicked 55 times, 3 other people on twitter tweeted the same link, 0 people posted it on friendfeed and a short preview of all the comments on the techcruch article.

Here is an example of a tweet that ijustine made earlier today:


So, if you use Firefox (YOU SHOULD) and twitter (YOU BETTER*) then bit.ly is just something you are going to have to have. So go get it now!

*And also, if I’m not following you already, leave me your username so I can.

Custom knit scarf from Sweetcheex76’s Etsy shop.

Sep 22, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: Clothing, Etsy, Fashion, Scarf
010/365 - Etsy owns my soul

When I first heard about Etsy I wasn’t thinking it would be quite as GODDAMN FABULOUS as it is. Seriously. I pictured a bunch of old ladies posting the scarves and mittens they’d made while sitting in a retirement home sipping tea. I. WAS. SO. WRONG.

When I had finally heard about it more times than I could stand I went to check it out for myself… and four hour later I woke up in a pool of drool and shaking a little. It’s addicting. Seriously, try going to that site and spending less than an hour browsing at all of the amazing stuff. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. It’s an endless pool of awesome creations and originality and a simple search for “scarf” will turn up 1261 pages of scarves. 1261! I’m pretty sure that I’ve looked at EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE.

That first time, when I woke up in a pool of drool, the first thing I thought to do was check my PayPal account to see how much damage I had done and, thankfully, I only managed to buy one scarf in my binge. It was the scarf you see in the picture there from Sweetcheex76’s shop. When it came in the mail it was even better than the description had made it out to be. It’s SO SOFT and thick and I every single time I wear it out in public I get a compliment on it. Actually, I can’t wait till it gets cool enough to start wearing again. Not only that, but it’s the first item I bought that made me want to learn to knit myself which has become a hobby I’ve really found myself loving.

I’m going to start posting more of my awesome Etsy finds here. I’ve honestly never ordered something I didn’t absolutely love and would recommend ANY of the shops I’ve purchased from and thought that I should share that with the world so you too can surround yourselves with all the pretty handmade goodies your Paypal account can handle.


RIDGID 16 Gallon Detachable Blower Wet/Dry Vac

Aug 19, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: Misc, Tools
RIDGID 16 Gallon Detachable Blower Wet/Dry Vac

When we moved into the NEW HOUSE we realized that we were seriously lacking in some very necessary tools. Things like lawn mowers and garden sheers and my favorite so far: the ever popular wet/dry vac. Ben did some research but we decided to just head on down to Home Depot to take a look at some of them first hand. We’re on a first name basis now with the folks in the Tool Corral at our local Home Depot.

We were originally going to get the 12 gallon version of this vac for around $80 but the awesome gentleman in the Tool Corral pointed us to the RIDGID 16 Gallon Detachable Blower Wet/Dry Vac that is also a blower for just $90! I was really glad later that day as we sucked the pond in our back yard dry that we had gone with the 16 gallon version. We had the entire thing emptied in about an hour and BOY CAN THIS THING SUCK UP SOME WATER. It was amazing. And it wasn’t just water, it was three week old, uncirculated, stagnant, awful smelling water that was full of muck and grime and other scary living things I won’t be mentioning… all without a single hiccup.

Ben's shop vac beauty shot.

The next day I used it to start sucking up the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of tiny yellow flowers that have dropped every day from the tree in the back yard. The entire yard has been blanketed in them and it had absolutely no problem sucking them off the ground and between the rocks of the pond. Ben also used the detachable blower to move some of the other yard clippings into more manageable piles. The blower is very easy to use and can be detached and reattached with a single hand and once reattached turns immediately back into a vac. The 20 foot cord allowed him to work a pretty good portion of our smaller backyard but he did need an extension cord to get into the side yards.

Wet or dry, there was nothing that the vac COULDN’T do for us. I’m sure that it will get weekly use in projects as we work to fix up the house.

The only reason I’m giving it 4.5 stars out of 5 is because the wheels make it a bit of a pain to move around our back yard’s stone walkway. I think that a beefier wheel, like something you’d find on a razer scooter or rollerblades, would make it much more manageable over a more bumpy terrain.


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